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The Arbor Barber process tree waste, branches and off-cuts to produce natural green mulch that can be used to maintain your garden and keep it healthy all-year round. The benefits of mulch include:

  • It retains moisture in the soil so your garden can stay healthy even in warmer weather. This means that you use less water in your garden, reducing your water costs.

  • It discourages weed growth.

  • It provides the soil with important nutrients needed by your plants.

  • It is low-cost, organic and locally produced.

  • It slowly decomposes and its organic matter provides a rich topsoil. It also helps to loosen compacted or sandy soil.

  • It allows water to easily penetrate the soil.

  • It promotes earthworm development. Earthworm waste are a wonderful fertiliser. They keep soil healthy and rich so they are beneficial to have in your garden.