The Arbor Barber process tree waste, branches and off-cuts to produce natural green mulch that can be used to maintain your garden and keep it healthy all-year round.

Mulch is a layer of wood chips or other plant material which is applied onto the surface area of soil. It can be used around your plants, shrubs, trees and garden beds to improve the fertility of your garden and also prepare it for sustenance during the warmer climate.

The benefits of mulch include:

  • It retains moisture in the soil so your garden can stay healthy even in warmer weather. This means that you use less water in your garden, reducing your water costs.

  • It discourages weed growth.

  • It provides the soil with important nutrients needed by your plants.

  • It is low-cost, organic and locally produced.

  • It slowly decomposes and its organic matter provides a rich topsoil. It also helps to loosen compacted or sandy soil.

  • It allows water to easily penetrate the soil.

  • It promotes earthworm development. Earthworm waste are a wonderful fertiliser. They keep soil healthy and rich so they are beneficial to have in your garden.

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The Arbor Barber has over 7 years of experience in tree removal and tree management projects. We are fully insured with ten million Public Liability Cover.

We are licensed to perform high risk tree work (Registration No: AHC30810) and our equipment registration and certifications are complete and up to date. We are a member of the Queensland Aboricultural Association. Whether domestic or commercial, The Arbor Barber is the best choice for tree removal and management!