The Arbor Barber is fully equipped to handle Palm Tree Removal and Palm Tree Pruning. Our fully licensed staff have the experience and know-how to ensure that your Palm Trees troubles are over.

Back in the 1980s Cocos and Cotton Palm Trees were extremely popular. This period has resulted in today’s fully mature palm trees, which pod and seed twice a year. You can be sure that without proper management, Palm Trees are sure to cause havoc on your property. However, fully matured Palm Trees are typically too tall for a homeowner’s general maintenance.

The Arbor Barber is fully equipped, insured and experienced for the shaping, pruning and removal of Palm Trees. From start to finish, our staff takes great care in all Palm tree work and removal to ensure a hassle-free procedure.

Palm Tree Removal | The Arbor Barber
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The Arbor Barber has over 7 years of experience in tree removal and tree management projects. We are fully insured with ten million Public Liability Cover.

We are licensed to perform high risk tree work (Registration No: AHC30810) and our equipment registration and certifications are complete and up to date. We are a member of the Queensland Aboricultural Association. Whether domestic or commercial, The Arbor Barber is the best choice for tree removal and management!