If a tree problem can’t be resolved through pruning, tree removal is the answer. When you need extra space, or if a tree is causing structural damage, it’s time to contact the Gold Coast’s trusted tree removal experts.

Our experienced staff will assess and safely remove tree and stump, allowing for a hassle-free operation. We ensure that the safety of your home and property are of the utmost importance. The Arbor Barber will take care of everything, from planning, removal and handling of waste.

The Arbor Barber has over 7 years of experience on tree removal and management projects. We are insured with up to $10 Million Public Liability Cover.

We are the dependable, reliable and professional choice for Tree Removal!

Tree Removal and Shaping | The Arbor Barber

Tree removal may be necessary for many reasons including:

  • Tree unsafe due to structural problems
  • End of tree life
  • Tree weakened by termites or disease
  • Storm damage
  • Construction of new buildings
  • Wrong tree size or species for position resulting in risk to assets, buildings or people

Removing tree’s is a complex task and mistakes can be costly. This means going the DIY route is not your best option. A professional arborist, on the other hand, can work with you to efficiently and safely remove your tree.

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The Arbor Barber has over 7 years of experience in tree services and tree management projects. We are fully insured with ten million Public Liability Cover.

We are licensed to perform high risk tree work (Registration No: AHC30810) and our equipment registration and certifications are complete and up to date. We are a member of the Queensland Aboricultural Association. Whether domestic or commercial, The Arbor Barber is the best choice for tree services and management!